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A time before, we all knew and loved Mario Games. Mario Games was created by famous videogame designer Shigeru Miyamoto. This games are suitable with almost of ages, inclu children. 

Parents need to know Mini Mario & Friends Amiibo Challenge is a straightforward puzzle game with minimal violence. All of the characters are wind-up toys that simply break apart should they walk into enemies or hazards. There's no story or overt messaging, just a series of unlockable puzzle levels where players must safely guide a toy from start to finish. These levels contain little in the way of iffy content, but could prove a bit frustrating for younger players as well as older kids who lack the patience to figure them out. The game is free to download, but it requires at least one Amiibo character, sold separately for about $13. In order to unlock all content players must own 10 different and specific Amiibo figurines.

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A free game without in-game purchases would be a no-brainer for most players, but whether you should download this puzzler depends less on its cost and more on how many (and which) Amiibo you currently own. If you don't own any, you can't play. If you own one, you can do the base levels. But to get the most out of it you need about $130 worth of Amiibo characters. Avid collectors -- of which there are admittedly many -- probably have enough figurines to make it worthwhile, but players who have none or just one or two won't get much out of the experience.

The puzzle action will prove very familiar to any who has played previous Mini Mario games. The only new elements come from the special abilities that come with each Amiibo character. Most of the abilities aren't particularly revolutionary (we've seen Yoshi gobble up enemies in countless other games), but at least they create fresh possibilities within the Mini Mario formula. If you happen to have most of the required Amiibo figurines, you'll likely have some fun playing each character's handful of levels. But there's the rub. If you don't have many characters there's really not enough to do to make it worth downloading. Since it's so short (just a few hours), it's also not worth spending money on figures. Best think of it as a little gift from Nintendo to serious Amiibo collectors.

Mario games is suitable with children over 8 age.

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