Why the children should have a pets?

Why children should have a pets? Pets can teach children many skills in life, help them be responsible, self-confident ..., and also a great friend of the baby.

Here are 04 good reasons to encourage parents to infant feeding a pet from a young age.

Child development

Having a relationship with a pet can help develop such skills as:

• Nurturing skills

• Responsibility

• Empathy

• A caring attitude

• Communication

Studies have shown that children with pets

• Have higher self esteem

• Have improved social skills

• Are more likely to be physically active, and less likely to be overweight or obese

Family harmony

Why children should have a pets?

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Pet ownership also has a beneficial effect on family harmony. Research shows that families with a pet:

• Spend a lot more time interacting

• Have a basis for fun activities and friendly conversation including the important topics of life


The relaxation and relief from stress provided by animal companionship also yields health benefits for parents. In comparison with their pet-less counterparts, pet owners:

• Have a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease

• Have fewer minor illnesses and complaints

• Visit the doctor less often

However, if the children are allergic to animals, such as cat fur allergy, you should pay attention to selecting the kind of animals for children


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