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My PlayHome Hospital is a app for devices as: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. My PlayHome Hospita easy to play, you need intuitive and simple control, but some of the items, such as the syringes, require tricky fine motor skills. This app are used for people over 3 age. 

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My PlayHome Hospital

You need to know that My PlayHome Hospital is the fourth in the series of open-ended dollhouse-style apps from the same publisher including My PlayHome, My PlayHome Stores, and My PlayHome School. This one focuses entirely on a hospital experience and may be helpful for kids who will be having surgery, getting a shot or an X-ray, or visiting someone in the hospital to role-play in advance or to talk about their experiences later. There are syringes in different colors that can be used to administer shots as well as medicine bottles that may prompt a conversation about using medicine only when one is sick and it's provided by a parent or doctor. Because this app integrates with the other apps, kids can move among all the experiences if they have the other apps on their device. Read the privacy policy to find out about the types of information collected and shared.

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App Reviews: My PlayHome Hospital

MY PLAYHOME HOSPITAL introduces kids to a hospital/medical setting. Starting at a reception desk, kids can choose from a variety of diverse characters and take a wheelchair to head to the ER or X-ray room or check in for a longer stay. They can visit the gift shop to "buy" balloons, flowers, cards, and stuffed animals. There's a little cafeteria for meals, or they can buy snacks and coffee from one of the two vending machines. With so many characters, there's plenty to do: Add bandages, give shots, dress up in hospital gowns or lab coats, put on an oxygen mask, replace the IV fluid bags, check the patient charts, and print out documents. They can even take X-rays of any body part and print them out for better diagnosis. For emergencies, they can hop into the ambulance and turn on the lights and sirens. If kids have other apps from the series, they can continue to play in a house, school, or store as well. When kids are done playing, the "Tidy Up" button on the main screen sets everything back to normal. 

A fantastic addition to the series, it allows kids to role-play the often-scary experience of staying in or visiting a hospital with a set of diverse digital "dolls." It has all the interactive experiences kids have come to expect from the series, including the ability to move items among the apps as characters move through different life experiences. In this case, a family might come home from the hospital with a new baby, a bouquet of flowers, and a baby bottle. This one may require a bit more parental support to explain what some of the items are and what they do, but kids will have a lot of fun exploring all the different rooms and interactive items and can work through any fear they may have about hospitals.

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