Hexlock App - 100% Free App Locker For Android

App Name: Hexlock [Android App]

Cost: Free

Developer: Liquidum

App Market: Download Page


Hexlock is a 100% free app locker that protects privacy and secures apps with a password to prevent unauthorized access. Users can create up to six unique profiles to cover every situation (work, parental control, etc.) and activate them automatically when connected to a known Wi-Fi.

The newest version has a new feature called Media Vault that lets users protect their photos and videos in a locked private file.

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• Parental control: you can give the device to your kids and they will not buy games or delete important folders without you knowledge

• Shared devices: you can create separate profiles for shared tablets at home

• Protection of social networks: you can lend your phone to other people and not be worried that they will check your Facebook or Whatsapp

• The app cannot be uninstalled by others

• Self-activate feature when you change networks

• Secure Pictures and Videos in the Media Vault. Hide private files.

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