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Varsity Tutors is a app about education category. Varsity Tutors is a free app for Iphone and Ipad, contain thousands of learning concepts and study tools in the palm of your hand. The Varsity Tutors app  provides an all-in-one study tool on a powerful and intuitive platform for you.

You need to know that Varsity Tutoring is a test-preparation and -practice app that's a free part of a larger, paid, online tutoring program. There are standardized-test-style multiple-choice review questions for a huge number of subjects from first grade math and science (aligned with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards) to high school tests, such as the SAT, AP, ACT, and GED, and beyond to graduate and professional assessments such as the GRE, MCAT, and LSAT. It's not really a standalone learning tool but really an on-the-go replacement for bulky test practice books and review packets, and while there's content for younger kids, it's not really designed for them. The company does require an email address and a phone number for anything more than the test-prep content, so be sure you check out their privacy policy.

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Varsity Tutors

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The app is perfectly functional, with easy access to whatever subject or test you're interested in reviewing, but every actual learning experience is nothing more than a multiple-choice standardized test question, which isn't going to engage most kids for long.


This tool should only be used for extra standardized test prep, because it does a poor job of teaching anything. It's perfectly fine for memorization and testing review but only if the user is already familiar with the content.


The app pushes users toward live tutoring support at all times, which comes at a price but will undoubtedly lead to excellent support. Otherwise students are on their own to seek help elsewhere; there's no content help inside the app.

By itself, it's not a good tool for learning anything, but it does offer lots of test-prep practice. Since every question is a test-style multiple-choice question, it won't help with mastery of skills and procedures or give kids any deep understanding. The "learn by concept" section presents a question with the correct solution already identified, followed by a brief explanation, often with some work shown. Unfortunately, this won't really help kids learn much, unless they're already great at sitting down with a textbook and example problems and teaching themselves, which most aren't. Also, even though it has content for kids as young as six, it's really designed for an older, more self-directed kid who will prepare for milestone tests independently. However, the app makes up for its lack of depth with a huge number of problems, so for students who want to replace those hefty test-prep books with something more mobile, this is a fine option. 

Varsity Tutors is required for ios 8.0 or later, Compatible with iphone, ipod and ipad touch. This app usually user people over 12 age.

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