Weekly Planner App For IOS - Developed By Ruslan Dimitriev

App Name: Weekly Planner App [iOS App]

Cost: $0.99 USD

Developer: Ruslan Dimitriev


An iOS application visually reminding a simple paper diary/agenda with a week view. What distinguishes it from most electronic organizers is that it has almost no functions, which are not typical for a paper diary.

In the Weekly Planner app, you will not find complicated data entry mechanisms (you enter everything in ordinary text-typing mode) or cumbersome synchronizations with multiple calendars. The main mode is week view – most convenient and observable time period for planning. With just a single click, you can change to day view and make all the entries you need. You can easily edit and delete them.

Video: Weekly Planner App In English

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– select a design you like and change it as often as you wish;

– select the most convenient font for use with your device;

– select the language, irrespective of the main language of your device;

– easily make and check entries for months and years back and forth;

– easily make any entries repeat: daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

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