Zonka Feedback - Free App For Both Android and IOS

App Name: Zonka Feedback [Android, iOS App]

Cost: Free ( account needed)

Developer: Classic Informatics

Zonka Feedback -  Free App For Both Android and IOS

Zonka Feedback -  Free App For Both Android and IOS

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Zonka Feedback is a tablet-based survey app and customer experience management system packed with features like multi-location set up, offline, on-premise feedback capture, real-time updates and reports, detailed insights and actionable analytics.

  • Create a Survey:
  • Capture Customer Feedback
  • Take Action

Engage your guests with interactive feedback forms on tablets, on premises – the best time to capture feedback and know what your guests are really thinking.

Key Features:

○Fully Customisable

○White-Labelled, Branding

○Net Promoter Score

○Customer Effort Score

○Multi-Language Support

○Amazing Templates

○Skip Logic and Branching

○Click Through Surveys

○Landscape / Portrait Mode

○Auto-Reply SMS & Emails

○Works Offline

○Enterprise Grade Security Features

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