Best Travel Apps For Traveling Abroad (Part 2)

Before each trip, surely every traveler prepare much themselves not only your luggage, stuff, but also knowledge and information about your destination. In this modern society, high-tech devices as smart mobile are as a great assistant in all your trips abroad. Especially, need to recommend very useful travel apps here such as: Tile, iStone Travel Translation, Amount, Mint, ICE app ... 

6. Tile

Tile is one of the best useful travel apps for travelers, especial for those who usually have to find their stuff because of misplacing. With Tile app installed, travelers can stick one of the eight Tiles on virtually any item you want, from the wallets to laptops, and the app can track it no matter where it goes. Tile uses Bluetooth technology to create a link between your Tiles and your phone so you have help finding the items you’ve misplaced. Besides, you can completely retrieve your stolen possessions when traveling with thanks to Tile app.

tile app

Tile app 

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7. iStone Travel Translation

Language is sometimes a barrier for those who want to travel abroad. With iStone Travel Translation app, you don’t need to worry about getting lost in translation. Having more than 300 useful phrases in 12 languages, it quickly comes up with the correct expression. 

8. Amount

Currency conversion can be a tricky thing, but that’s not the only area in which numbers can be confusing in a new country. The Amount app is a unit and currency converter and not only helps you navigate monetary exchanges, but also categories like speed limits, fuel consumption, cooking measurements and even clothing sizes in case you want to buy a new outfit overseas. The interface is simple to understand and contains over 700 different units in over 30 categories.

amount app

Amount app

9. Mint

With Mint, you can easily organize your finances, keep an eye on your travel budget and track your expenses during your trip. It’s absolutely safe and secure. That because it’s a “read-only” service, which means that you can’t move funds between accounts, and neither can anybody else. It is said that Mint app is a great financial friend of all travelers.

Mint app for traveling abroad

Mint app for traveling abroad

10. ICE

Surely, medical issues are things no one expects when traveling abroad. But if it happens, you need to face smartly. At that time, ICE app is worth having. The app keeps details about your medical conditions, your doctor’s primary contact details and insurance information that can be accessed even if your phone is locked. Among other features, it also translates the stored information in 10 different languages

No matter where your travels take you this summer, these apps should help you get the most out of your experience. 

Let travel abroad be easy and convenient with these travel apps. Keep paying attention to get more travel apps for abroad.

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