LoungeBuddy and Booking Now apps on Apple Watch supports your travel

Thanks for the development of technology, travel now is far more convenient than before with the support from technology products. The Apple Watch with friendly and useful functions has become the traveler's best friend, as airlines, hotels, and other travel-related businesses has developed their iOS apps to work with Apple’s wearable. 

The Apple Watch has been geared with LoungeBuddy - an app that makes your travel easier via flight and hotel booking feature. LoungeBuddy, an airport lounge listing app, and Booking Now, the spontaneous hotel booking app from Booking.com, announced support for the Apple Watch ahead of its ship date. Both apps have been available for download on April 24, 2015.

loungebuddy and booking now apps on apple watch

The Apple Watch is already gearing up to be the traveler’s best friend 

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With the LoungeBuddy app, users can view and book airport lounges on the Apple Watch. Each lounge in LoungeBuddy’s database (and it’s extensive) is shown with details (amenities, location, pricing, etc.), and you can purchase passes to those that offer them. The app also supports the Apple Pay system.

Booking Now isn’t the first hotel booking app for the Apple Watch, but it’s the first that deals with last-minute lodging. Like its iPhone counterpart, you can choose a hotel based on the destination you’re at. Booking Now lists properties (one at a time) based on your preferences and any previous booking habits. Once a room is booked, the app displays turn-by-turn navigation for getting to the hotel. Users can also rate the hotel experience.

loungebuddy and booking now apps on apple watch

Booking Now app on Apple Watch eases the stress of travel

Experiencing the fashion look and useful function that Apple Watch bring to you.  Checking and booking for cheap flights and hotels is now becoming much easier. Check out our latest tech news to get updated on travel apps and devices to get unforgettable travels.

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