Samsung Galaxy Tab Travel Tips For Gadget-Worry-Free Trip

Thanks to the technology development, human life becomes more and more comfortable. Making a travel plan now is simplified with the value of the internet. Just by searching the information online or using mobile apps, you can get many useful things for your trip. In order to save more money when you travel, take advance of Android devices by applying these travel tips for the Galaxy Tab. You also can use them to any electronic device that you might take along on a vacation or business trip. Notice these advice and your next extended journey should be gadget-worry-free:

  • Charge your phone before you leave. This tip probably goes without saying, but you’ll be happier with a full cell phone charge to start your trip.
  • Bring along the AC adapter and USB cable of your Galaxy Tab. Put them in your carry-on luggage. Many airports give out USB chargers, so you can charge the Tab in an airport if you need to. Remember to uncart your accessories after using if you don't want to buy new ones. 

samsung galaxy tab travel tips

  • At the security checkpoint, place your Galaxy Tab in a bin by itself or with other electronics. Add to the bin all your other electronic devices, keys, brass knuckles, grenades, and so on. Keeping your cell phone in your pocket most definitely sets off airport metal detectors.
  • Keep track of your flights, using the Calendar app on your Galaxy Tab. The event title should be listed as the airline and flight number. For the event time, use the takeoff and landing schedules. For the location, list the origin and destination airport codes. And, put the flight reservation number in the Notes field. If you’re using separate calendars(categories), specify the Travel calendar for your flight.

samsung galaxy tab travel tips

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Some apps you can use to organize your travel details are similar to, but more sophisticated than the Calendar app. Visit the Android Market and search for travel or airlines to find a host of apps. You might want to pay for multi-task apps and make your trip easier. There are so many useful apps for you to get navigation, destination and food advice, tips for cheap flight and hotels, etc.

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