Smart budget tips for hotel booking when traveling to Europe

Of course, everyone wants to sleep moderately cheap or priced hotels when traveling. Though, not all of us know how to search for a good value accommodation that really suits our budget. So let’s check out our smart budget travel tips for hotel booking when travelling to Europe.

hotel booking tips for cheap rooms and accommodation

Hotel booking travel tips for cheap rooms and accommodation

#1: Hotel comparison

It's smart to email several hotels to ask for their best price. This is especially helpful when you deal with the larger hotels that use dynamic pricing. Since the set price will be decided by a computer-generated system according to demand for particular days. So it means that in high-demand days, the price of hotel rooms may two times higher than the price of low-demand days. So you should compare their offers and make a wise choice.

#2: Book directly with the hotel

It is recommended to book directly with the hotel and skip the middleman such as room finding service or a hotel booking website. So you don’t have to pay a cut or a commission from that intermediary.  

cheap hotel rooms book directly with hotel

 Book directly with the hotel

#3: Ask for discount for a longer stay or payment in cash

If you plan to stay 3+ nights at a hotel or if you pay in cash, then, you should ask if a discount is available. 

#4: Bargain if it is off-season

Hotel rooms’ prices often rise during festivals. So you should try to haggle when it’s off-season. Or you can arrive without advance booking or reservation and drop in at the last minute then try to score a deal.

If it's off-season, bargain. Prices usually rise with demand during festivals and in July and August. Off-season, try haggling. If the place is too expensive, tell them your limit; they might meet it. Or consider arriving without a reservation and dropping in at the last minute to try to score a deal.

#5: Know the exceptions

Hotels in northern Europe are more expensive than those in the south. However, you can still find the exceptions in Scandinavia, Brussels, and Berlin, fancy business hotels are desperate for customers in the summer and year-round on weekends. Some offer some amazing deals through the local tourist information offices. The later you arrive, the better the discount you will get.

#6: Do not consume above your needs

A three-star hotel is not really a bad value. However, if you stay in a three-star hotel, you are going to spend $60 extra for things you may not need such as 24 hour reception desk, private showers, room services, etc, and many other additional charges. And more surprisingly, most moderately priced hotels offer Wi-Fi free to their guests, while the expensive places are more likely to charge for it.

hotel booking travel tips for cheap rooms and accommodation

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#7:  Check the prices on the room list to find out how to get the best-value rooms

Room prices can vary based on facilities provided. On hotel websites, you will find a room summary that lists out the room facilities, bed configuration, as well as maximum price. Don’t forget to read extra-bed policies, breakfast, or other taxes. You may find out that in many hotels, a shower may cost less than a bath, and a double bed is cheaper than twins. So if you want to get a cheap room, then, say so. Many hoteliers have some unrenovated rooms without a private bathroom. And of course, they usually don't mention these

#8: Put more people in a room

Family rooms are common, and putting four in a quad is much cheaper than two doubles. Many doubles come with a small double bed and a sliver of a single, so a third person pays very little.

Cheap hotel accommodation rooms tips

 The number of people in a room does matter

 #9: Avoid hotels that require you to buy meals

Many national governments regulate hotel prices according to class or rating. And to overcome this price ceiling (especially at resorts in peak season, when demand exceeds supply), hotels might require you to buy dinner or lunch in their dining room. While this might not be expensive, we recommend you to explore and sample the atmosphere of restaurants in other neighborhoods. Breakfast is often included in the room rate, but in some countries it's an expensive, semi-optional tack-on. If you want to opt out of a pricey hotel breakfast, ask if it's possible when you book the room.

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