Smart packing tips for your cruises (Part 1)

You are preparing for your cruise and packing your suitcase really makes you feel confused. Then you started to arm yourself with a packing list and search for smart packing techniques or tips that help you save space. Or you just tried to throw a bucket of clothes into your suitcase just at night before your flight. Either way, you will eventually learn that what you bring along in your cruises does really matter. It may badly affect your cruise vacation experience if you forget to pack some important stuff. So here we round up with some useful and smart tips that help you pack your suitcase wisely. So whether you are going to take a cheap last minute river cruises, or european river cruises, or luxury Royal Caribbean cruise, the following tips for packing your suitcases for a cruise are really helpful.

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Smart packing tips to have a great cruise experience

#1: Pack your carry-on bags smartly 

Pack a change of clothes and important meds or toiletries in the bags that you are going to take on the plane and personally transport onboard. This is important since if your luggage gets lost by the airline on the way to your cruise, at least you will have some essentials with you. It can take a while for your luggage to be found and then shipped to the next port of call. Or if your suitcases are delayed in being delivered to your cabin, you will still have a bathing suit or dinner attire on hand and can enjoy all the onboard activities right away, rather than waiting for your bags to show up. 

#2: Pack your checked luggage smartly

You should be smart about your checked bags before your cruise as well. It is recommended to lay out all of the clothes that you think you will need and pack half of the clothing as well as three-quarters of shoes if you are going to overpack. Or if you are traveling with your family, you should pack half of your things in one suitcase, and the rest half one in other separate one and tell your kids and your spouse to do the same. So in this case, if one bag gets lost, you will still have some clothing with you. It makes your cruise much comfortable in bad cases.

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You can roll your clothes instead of folding them to save space. And finally, it is not recommended to pack valuable things in your checked bags since they could be stolen. So carry valuable jewelries, cameras, prescription medicines, etc in your carry-on before your cruise

#3: Keep all important documents with you

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 Remember to bring correct necessary documents on your cruise

Make sure that you bring all necessary documents such as your IDs, or cruise documents when taking a cruise. You should also never pack them in your checked luggage. Bring the correct type of identification of passport, photo ID, or birth certificate, etc for your cruise destination as well. If you need visas or immunizations for your cruising region, then, carry those documents as well. 

#4: Save some room in your suitcase

As you will likely to pick up at least some souvenirs during your cruises, you will need some rooms in your luggage to store them. You should consider packing a foldable duffle since it won’t take up much space in your luggage or suitcase of your cruises. You can fill it up then check it for the flight home.

#5: Don’t assume that your favorite toiletries will be in your cabin

You can find some basic toiletriesonboard such as soap or shampoo . Though, in some main cabins on some cruise lines such as Carnival, Norwegian, or Royal Caribbean, toiletries offered are limited. So it is recommended to make some spaces in your cruise suitcase for your favorite toiletries brands. In case you are picky about hair dryers, you can pack your own.

You should never unpack your toiletry kit. Let leave it filled with travel-sized bottles and an extra toothbrush or razor. When it's time for your next cruise, all you need to do is to top off or replace the bottles instead of wasting time collecting items and possibly forgetting something. 

Want to find out the remaining cruise packing tips, click here for part 2!

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