Smart packing tips for your cruises (Part 2)


It is obvious that what you bring on your cruise may affect your vacation experience. In the first part, we have learnt some packing tips and techniques about how to pack your carry-on bags, your checked luggage in a smart way, and note down that it is essential to bring all necessary documents on your cruise. You also find out that it is better to save some rooms in your suitcase to store souvenirs and learn something about toiletries as well. So let’s find out other remaining packing tips and techniques. We bet that you will soon become a master of packing after reading these remaining techniques.

cruise and travel packing tips

 Cruise and packing tips

#6: Know the dress codes

If you love to dress up, some cruise lines do offer tux rentals so you don't have to pack your own. However, while some folks still dress to the nines (formal gowns and tuxedos) for ships' formal nights, most people dress more informally (suits for men and cocktail garb - flowing pantsuits or little black dresses for women). Resort casual is now the ubiquitous evening dress. Jeans are also even now a staple in many cruise ship dining rooms. 

know dress codes when cruise packing tips

It is important to know the dress code

#7: Dress for your destination

Some places or destinations are more formal than the others. So you can pack more resort-casual wearing when traveling to Europe or Bermuda (note: golf courses in Bermuda have really strict dress codes). Or if you take cruise itineraries like Mexican Riviera, Hawaii, Caribbean, French Polynesia, your dresses can be more casual than usual. What about clothes and stuff for your in-port activities? While flip-flops are fine for a beach day, you may want more comfortable shoes for sightseeing days, and active excursions such as biking or hiking. Or if you are visiting religious sites in the Middle East and some parts of Europe, you may want clothes that cover your shoulders and knees and have modest look.

#8: Consider doing laundry onboard

You should check out to see what ship offers self-service laundromats. And if the ship you are going to take offers this, then, you may consider doing laundry onboard. The ones that have that facility usually don't offer for free. And it can sometimes be expensive. Cruise lines often offer complimentary laundry as well as pressing services to suite customers and top-tier past passengers. You can save laundry costs by bringing travel detergent or rinsing out underwear and shirts in your cabin's bathroom. Or you can pack a bottle of travel-sized Febreze to use your gently worn outfit one more day.

#9: Mix and match

If you know the trick of mix and match to make your clothes perform double duty, you can avoid excess bag fees. Stick with one color theme so you can re-wear bottoms with different tops. Or you can bring shirts that can be dressed up for dinner on one night and worn sightseeing the next. Or you may try to pick the layered look to handle differing temperatures in the various cruise ports. Besides, you can mix your formal outfit with different accessories instead of bringing 2 suits or cocktail dresses. 

mix and match when cruise packing tips

Know how to mix and match will help you avoid excess bag fees

#10: Remember the basics

Most cruise ship cabins don't come with alarm clocks, so you should bring your own. If you are using your cell phone for this job, then, change it to airplane mode. In this case, you won’t incur roaming charges in foreign waters. Other items that you might want to pack as they are not provided or super-expensive to buy onboard including batteries, sunscreen, ear plugs, plastic bags for transporting liquids or wet things, power strips, etc. 

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