Solo travel and safety tips for women (Part 1)

Safety is the most important thing that needs to care for when traveling abroad. Safety while traveling is also one of the most debated topics. And the truth is that women are facing greater dangers, thieves, scams, as well as obstacles when traveling alone, even if they come to resorts, or other places. So the question is is it possible for a woman to go on solo travels, trips and still stay safe? And the answer is yes. So how to stay safe when traveling alone? Here we come up with some safety tips for women when traveling alone. They are important and useful advices, tips those who are going to embark on a solo trip.

keep calm and have a safe trip travel tips for women

 Keep calm and have a safe travel

Top safety travel tips for women

#1: Research your destination carefully before the trip

Planning and researching are really important before taking a trip. So as a solo traveler, you should spend time to look up safety information on places that you are heading whether they are one of the coolest cities or the most beautiful beaches. Find out who you should avoid, who you can count on or which kinds of taxis you should take or medical centers in the city.

There is a bucket list of information that you should find out in advance such as public transportation, car, etc, or what kind of vaccination that you should take or is there any local health issues that you should prepare.

When it comes to activities, especially adventure sports, what are the risks? If you injure yourself, will you be covered by your travel insurance? So research carefully to keep you safe while traveling alone

research before traveling safety travel tips for women

 Remember to research carefully about your destination

#2: Keep valuable things with you while in transit

But you shouldn’t bring valuables in the first place

You shouldn’t bring anything you would be despondent to lose such as family heirlooms, expensive jewelries, your birth certificate, etc.

Today people travel with an amount of technology that was unfathomable a decade ago. Most travelers bring a smartphone at the very least; others bring laptops, tablets, Kindles or other e-readers, DSLR cameras with pricey lenses, etc. When you consider the costs to replace any one of those items, they definitely count as valuables.

You should have a day bag into which you can fit all of your important items including your passport, camera, medication, jewelries, credit cards, smartphone, and any other technology, photography or valuable equipment.

It is not recommended to put these items into your general backpack or into the luggage hold on a bus or into checked luggage on a plane either. If you let them out of your sight, there is a fair chance that they could be taken away from you forever.

#3: Prepare for the worst situations happening with your documents and your secret cash

In the worst situation happens such as your purse is stolen, you get sick, or your credit cards are suddenly maxed out, it’s better to have a backup plan.

For documents, keep front-and-back copies of your credit cards saved to cloud storage like Google Docs or Dropbox, as well as a copy of your passport. It’s also a good idea to keep your bank and credit card phone numbers stored in a document as well.

In addition to the documents, keep a backup cash stash. Keep at least $50 in US dollars hidden in a secret spot deep inside your luggage, like inside a tampon or hidden in a sock. In a separate spot, keep a backup credit card. If your purse or day bag is stolen off your body and literally everything is taken away from you, this will provide you with a temporary financial cushion.

travel scams travel tips for women

 What to do if your important documents or cards are stolen while traveling?

 #4: Take what you need and leave the rest locked up

There’s no need to go out for a walk in the city with all of your credit cards, your passport, and the equivalent of $500 in cash. Take what you need for the day and keep the rest locked up in your accommodation. 

Most of the reputable hostels have lockers available for guests. So you can use them to store your valuables. In guesthouses, hotel rooms, or other places that don’t have a locker or safe for you, use a portable safe instead: a slash proof bag you fill with your valuables and lock to a pipe or something else sturdy in the room. It may keep your valuables stay safe.

#5: Blend in as much as you can

Want to have the attention of every pickpocket in Paris? Show up in shorts and a t-shirt. For extra credit, wear Birkenstocks. It is recommended to know the dress codes and normal casual of places that you are going to travel to. For example, while short and a t-shirt are normal clothe in North America, you would never see people wearing that kind of style in most of Europe. Europeans dress more neatly than North Americans.

You should know that the more you stand out, the more you brand yourself as someone who is unfamiliar with the location. It makes you more vulnerable to criminals.

So it’s a wise choice to research your destination in advance. You can observe how local people dress, walk then try to dress or pass like them. Or if that is impossible, you may try to pass as a longtime expat.

That means eschewing the backpacker trail uniform of drop-crotch hippie pants and souvenir beer t-shirts in favor of casual but neat and tidy clothing. That means covering your arms, legs, and cleavage in Muslim countries, wearing loose clothing in India, and wearing long pants in Europe and Latin America.

It is important to maintain your confidence all the time. Or if you are not confident, at least you should maintain the appearance of confidence by holding your head up, your shoulders back, and looking straight ahead. In case you get lost and need to find your way, then, slip into a shop to consult your map.

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