Solo travel and safety tips for women (Part 2)

In the first part of safety solo travel tips for women, we have shown you some tips, advice, and tricks to stay away from thieves or scams while traveling solo as well as the importance of research before traveling. And you also learnt that it’s better to blend in as much as possible while traveling alone. So let’s find out the remaining tips to stay safe on your trip. 

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solo women safety travel tips

Solo women and safety travel tips

#6: Don’t trust people too quickly

It can be a kind of tempting to join up a group, a tribe when you travel to a new destination. And that temptation can even become more when you travel on your own. Though, be careful and don’t trust anyone too quickly. Some may make you feel like they are so good, then when it comes to the right time, they will get you to leave your valuable stuff unattended.

Or when you meet someone outrageously hot, you may want to crank up the speed. Don’t do that. That’s not a good idea. Sex is of course prevalent on the road. However, be sure to protect yourself as much as possible.

Sometimes, you want to be a part of a group so badly that you start trusting people before you should. So if you are just getting to know someone, don’t trust him or her to guard your expensive electronics while you are in the bathroom. It’s not rude to be cautious. Just take things slowly. It can keep you safe while traveling.

#7: Watch and watch out your drinks

This is a tip that doesn’t get said often enough. It’s applicable whether you are at home or on the road. When you drink alcohol, you dull your senses and slow your reaction time, which in turn makes you vulnerable to others. Though, it doesn’t mean that you should avoid drinking. Instead, drink slowly. Pace yourself. You can eat beforehand or during or have a glass of water in between each drink.

Be aware of what you are actually drinking. You should get drinks directly from the bartender. Resist the pressure and be wise. It is not recommended to keep up with others who might be able to drink more than you.

drinks solo safety travel tips for women

Watch what you are drinking

#8: Spend extra money on staying safe 

If you’re traveling long-term on a shoestring budget, it can be hard to justify spending extra cash since it may go toward some fun activities. However, you should remember to financially invest in your own safety. For example, if your flight is planned to land in a rough city late at night, then, spend more money on a guesthouse that will pick you up right from the airport instead of taking a bus into town and trying to find a guesthouse on foot. Or you should pay extra money to take a taxi home at night. So save some extra financial cushion into your trip for some situations like these.

#9: Get travel insurance

Travel insurance could save your life. It provides you with the needed security. So in case your suitcase is lost, or you end up in a natural disaster, etc, it will reimburse your expenses. Or if the very very worst situation happens and you end up losing your life, good travel insurance will allow your family to bring your body home without paying tens of thousands of dollars and getting wrapped up in mountains of red tape.

However, you should examine prospective travel insurance policies carefully since they may not cover your personal situation. Some insurance plans won’t cover certain adventure sports or particular countries or regions. Most plans will only cover a fraction of the value of your electronics.

travel insurance solo women safety travel tips

Travel insurance could save your life

#10: Check in regularly

Let at least one friend or family member have a copy of your itinerary including flight numbers, accommodation, your trip schedule, your credit cards or travel insurance information. Plan ahead of time how you will check in and how often, whether it’s through daily emails, texts, social media updates, or regular Skype chats. It’s a good idea to keep a consistent schedule. You should keep in touch with your family or friends to alleviate their fears. In this case, if you get into trouble, they can locate you much more easily.

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