Things not to do when travel to a new city

Before coming to a new city, travelers often have a long list of things to do. Most likely, you will want to explore as much destinations as possible before your vacation time runs out. You will want to visit the museums, taste regional food and drinks, do a few tours, and experience many interesting activities. However, there always have somethings you shouldn't do in your trip in order to keep you safe and savvy. From these travel tips, you might expand your list of gotta-do's every time you travel to a whole new place. 

1. Don't Always Pay

Cities, especially the most expensive ones (like Copenhagen, Oslo, Zurich, Stockholm, Geneva, ...), inhale your money like a vacuum cleaner set on high. To protect your money purse, take advantage of free-to-visit destinations. 

Gratis activities are ubiquitous if you know where to visit. You'd better choose art galleries, outdoor festivals and parks that don't charge admission. Flea, antique and farmers' markets are often free for idle wanderers. There are so many museums and monuments that offer free entry aside complimentary days or hours or for certain visitors. Don't forget to bring along your ID; freebies or discounts may drop for students, teachers, senior or member of the military.

things not to do when visit a new city

 Visit free destinations makes your trip cheaper

You can take part in free tours and free shows to treat your wallet better. Search the information of the shows on the internet or using smartphone apps to snag free audience tickets. You might even get a tidy profit from some promotion game shows. Keep in mind that tips are often appreciated even if the tour itself is free.

2. Don't Hail a Cab

It's so easy to snag a cab just by wagging a hand, and seconds later a blur of yellow will screech to a stop. However, moving around a city in a taxi can be costly and, honestly, boring. For a more local experience and a potentially quicker pony ride (especially at rush hour), take public transportation. Trains, buses and/or shared shuttles link most major airports with the nearest downtown area so don't think about catching a cabbie when you want to come or leave the airport. 

In New York or Beijing, hop on the subway; in Boston, the T; in Chicago, the L; in Washington, Los Angeles and Paris, the Metro; in London, the iconic Tube. If you plan to bounce all over the place, purchase an all-day or multi-day pass.

things not to do when visit a new city

 Travel by taxi can be costly and boring

Another fanciful way to travel is to hit the water. There are boats pick up and carry passenger in big cities like Brooklyn, Queens, Wall Street, Midtown East and West, and New Jersey... 

If you're looking for an adrenaline rush, strap yourself into a pedi-cab. The bike-drawn carriages, now available in many major urban centers around the world, have all the guts and gumption of bike couriers -- but with more comfortable seating. Warning: Keep your hands inside the vehicle or you could end up banging them on a stop sign or passing cow.

3. Don't Forget to have extra events

Metropolitan centers are packed with millions of residents and many more millions of tourists, so it's no wonder that shows often sell out and restaurants always fill up so soon. Not all the activities thrive in the last-minute rush like stand-by theater tickets. Therefore, you'd better prepare for your activities, check and book the seats or buy the tickets all the time before you go down the street. If not, get used to the feeling of being denied. 

4. Don't Forget Your Map

Just in case you get lost, bring along your map all the time. For further safety's sake, familiarize yourself with your surroundings. You can avoid unsavory situations by returning to the timeless tradition of carrying a map. You also can use navigation apps on your mobile device to help you locate and make your trip easier. Additionally, tourism offices typically provide printable maps on their websites. Most tourist centers and hotels also stock free maps for the taking.

things not to do when visit a new city

 Use travel apps to simplify your plan

Forget all the wasted things that cost your trip more money and time. You can enjoy cheaper yet interesting activities on your vacation just by trying not to do some usual things. Enjoy your travel the way truly travelers do. 

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