Top Travel Apps Help You Save Your Relationship

Travel means you will communicate with a new culture which has some things strange for you. Try these best travel apps, travel apps, travel app, best travel app for travelers to keep the relationship and have the best vacations. 


Don’t argue over whose route is best; instead, let Waze decide. Because here’s the thing: Waze is right way more often than either of you. By using real-time crowd-sourced traffic data, and an active network of drivers reporting accidents, police traps, and road hazards, Waze offers efficient and sometimes unusual driving routes, mostly in the U.S. but also in Europe and Central and South America.


tripIt app

TripIt app

Never again debate who has the copy of the hotel reservation or the car rental booking. Instead, centralize and share your master itinerary with TripIt. Any time you book a newtravel service, simply forward your plans to your TripIt account, and then both you and your partner can track your entire trip on your phones. The paid Pro version allows you to track airfare price drops, keep tabs on better seat availability, and stay up to date on your airfare points.

City Maps

Imagine a world in which you don’t have to disagree with your significant other about directions. Then make it a reality by downloading a non-Wi-Fi-dependent city map so that, even when you don’t have data on your phone, you can have access to smart maps and dynamic directions. Apps like Citymaps2go and HERE Maps mean you won’t find yourself lost or in a lengthy and pointless debate about which one of you thought it was a good idea to take that last left turn.

Video and Messaging Apps

Being away from your partner can be far worse than weathering the bumps of traveling together. And staying in touch can be a challenge, especially if your phone plan doesn’t offer decent rates for your destination. The cheap and easy way to stay connected when you’re away from home is via a Wi-Fi based text or calling app. Wi-Fi video calling on Skype is free, as is Wi-Fi-based messaging via WhatsApp. Facetime is another popular option if both people have iOS devices. In both cases, both you and your partner will need the app to use it for free.


For most couples, getting stuck somewhere in transit comes with a lot of baggage. The wrench in your travel works means extra expenses, rebooking hassles, and missed commitments at your destination. Rebound faster by keeping a last-minute hotel booking applike HotelTonight at the ready. Next time you find yourself waiting out a delay or stranded after missing a connecting flight, you’ll be ready to act fast and save yourself and your partner the discomfort of sleeping at the airport.

XE Currency

Remove one more stressor on your trip by outsourcing currency calculations, not to your partner but to your phone. The XE Currency app is hugely popular and offers live exchange rates. It also stores the last updated rate so you can get a currency estimate even if you don’t have Internet access.

Here are the best travel apps supporting for travelers while traveling especially for travelling abroad. Check out for more best travel apps, travel apps, travel app, best travel app.

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