Travel tips, guides and advices for safe travels

It is obvious that the goal of your vacation is to feel better. Though, we still get into some nasty injuries, added pounds, or icky infections, etc which sometimes shed a shadow on your trip. So here we round up with some useful travel tips , guides, and advices for safe travels then bring you an excellent adventure

safe travels and travel tips

First, before you leave - travel tips for safe travels

Pack your first aid kid with

- Bandages and Neosporin for cuts. Tape and gauze for larger injuries. If the water isn't safe, saline solution is a sterile wash.

- Hydrocortisone cream: topical relief for poison ivy, poison oak, or stinging nettles.

- Benadryl: good for allergic reactions and in a pinch. It doubles as a sleep aid.

- Imodium: Your go-to solution for diarrhea. (For an upset stomach, try ginger ale.)

- Prescription meds: Pack extra, in case you get stranded.

first aid kit travel tips for safe travels

Be smart about packing your first aid kit

Check your health insurance

Not all medical insurance covers travel abroad. Break your leg while hiking in the jungle and a medical evacuation could set you back $10,000 or even more. So you should ask your insurer about exclusions before you go, and consider buying a supplemental policy. 

Getting there - travel tips for safe travels

On a Cruise

More than 50 million Americans planned to book a cruise between the year of 2010 and 2013. However, in spite of the fact that cruise ship outbreaks of Norovirus, which causes stomach flu, have made headlines, hospitals, schools, and daycare centers are where 9 out of 10 such outbreaks actually occur. 

On an Airplane

Whenever you are in a small crowded place, you are at increased risk of contracting germs. Planes are often packed. There is also the issue of the very low humidity level on aircraft. So your nasal membranes become dehydrated. This makes you more susceptible to infection from passing germs. It is recommended to drink lots of water, use saline nasal spray, and keep your hands off your face. You should also turn the overhead vent above your seat to medium flow and directing the nozzle slightly in front of your face. Be careful is someone is going to sneeze since he or she is going to rain down airborne droplets on top of you. It is also recommended to sit at the front of the plane. This place has the best ventilation. And finally, when you travel, remember to bring along an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes to clean your hands, tray tables, and armrests, which can be teeming with germs. If you are going to travel a long flight, then, you should periodically raise and lower your heels while seated or walk up and down the aisle a few times to stay away from some pulmonary embolism diseases or forming clots. 

travel tips for safe travel on airplane

Travel tips for safe travels on an airplane

Once you arrive - travel tips for safe travels

Get in the sleep zone

Between the hours you spent getting to the airport and the double time you put in at the office the week before, you are even more tired than you were before your vacation started. So what you should and shouldn’t do to prevent this fatigue and jet lag?

Long flight jet lag travel tips

Fatigue after flights

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- Do take melatonin. It's not a sleeping pill. It helps you reset your internal sleep clock. If you are flying east, then, take it in the early evening before you leave on your trip. And once you arrive, take another one an hour before bedtime.

- Don’t order a Bloody Mary on the plane the minute the beverage cart rolls by. It’s tempting, though; alcohol can help you fall asleep in spite of your cramped upright position. Drinking may disrupt your sleep and leave you less rested.

- Don’t hit the sack when you have checked in to your hotel. Get on the local time.

Get out your sunscreen

Bring bottles of sunscreen for every member.  You have to coat yourself every 2 hours and apply sunscreen a lot more than you realize. 

In the hotel room

Don't let the bedbugs bite

You are more likely to encounter bedbugs at high-end hotels at budget dive. So how to avoid these unwanted bedbugs?

First, pestproof with plastic. When packing, you can pop clothes into giant sealable bags. You can also use medium and large clear plastic suitcase covers to keep the bugs at bay.

Second, do a spot check. Once you arrive, you can deposit your luggage in the shower then do a visual sweep for the apple-seed-size bugs on the mattress and upholstered furniture.

Third, safeguard your belongings. You should avoid draping your clothes over the furniture or placing them inside the dresser drawers.

Finally, launder your clothes and vacuum your suitcase when you get home.

Eat smart - travel tips for safe travels

healthy eating travel tips safe travels

 Be smart about what you eat while traveling

Be smart about breakfast. While waffles and pancakes look tempting, you should think of them as set decorations. It is recommended to greet the sunrise with a protein-rich shake or an egg-white omelet to kick-start your metabolism. It will keep you satisfied.

Count beverage calories. Cruise ships and all-inclusive resorts offer lots of juices, sodas, and sweetened cocktails. You can pick green tea by day and drink red wine by night. 

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