Travel tips: Things to do to increase your hotel savings

As you're a travel lover, you might look for travel tips that helps reduce your budget spent on trips. It seems like hotel costs raise each year, sometimes significantly. Therefore, the money spent on hotel services just go up and up and it might be impossible to hold it down. However, these smart tips will change the way you find cheap hotels.

things to do to increase your hotel savings

 Get the tips to save more on hotel costs

Normaly, you often look at the nightly rate when determining which hotel has the best deal. However, you should notice that there are so many other factors to consider to help you save your budget, both before you book and during your stay. Let's find out things to do to make the best decision.

  • Look for extras.

In order to get better bang for your buck, find the rate that includes more services. Make sure that these extras are useful for you, otherwise you’re spending more than you need to. Common features that can save you lots are free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and kids eat free. All those bowls of fruit and free coffee and tea in the lobby are also included in your room rate, so take advantage of them during your stay.

  • Be a rewards member.

If you have the familiar hotel or chain that you normally stay or use when you travel, sign up to join their rewards program. Not only can you get more points for each stay from that you can use on upgrades and free nights in the future, but rewards members also get notified of exclusive deals that can save you a ton.

things to do to increase your hotel savings

 Rewards member can get exclusive deals and save a lot

  • Stay in hotels right outside the city center.

If the costs for transportation are not a big deal, you should stay in hotels right outside the city center in order to lower the hotel rate. You can get a better deal by choosing a hotel that locates not too far from the center. You could also look into staying in the university district of a city. Hotels here are always more affordable. There also have many cheap eateries for you to enjoy. The public transportation is convenient as well.

  • Go out to eat.

Although room service sounds really appealing, prices for food on the menu can be twice as much as you would pay for the same food at a restaurant. Gratuity is always included in the tab and usually masked as a delivery charge. Most guests don’t know this and add a tip to the bill when the waiter brings their food. Therefore, you'd better go out for food or just enjoy your meal at the hotel without paying a tip.

  • Upgrade to a suite.

If your travel party is larger, you should pick a suite rather than adjoining or separate rooms. Not only do they cost less, but they also offer more space and often have bedrooms, so everyone isn’t crammed in the same small space and adults don’t have to go to bed early just so they don’t wake up their kids when their bedtime rolls around.

  • Ask for a corner room.

things to do to increase your hotel savings

Corner rooms are usually a bit larger than regular rooms

Although this won’t save you any money, the fact is that corner rooms are usually a bit larger than regular rooms, which give you a better deal for your money. If one of these rooms is available, ask for it. This is easier if you show up close to check-in time, but before the flood of guests show up to get their keys. You can also call ahead and request a corner room with your existing reservation.

  • Choose business minded hotel.

Room rates for hotels that get the majority of their business from professionals drop their prices when business is slow, like weekends and holidays. Therefore, pick business minded hotels for better hotel savings. 

  • Bring along your own snacks or buy them at the grocery store.

You should bring along your own snacks in order to avoid paying alot for items in the mini bar. The prices of them are outrageous and don’t even think about trying to replace it with the same item later. If you don't want to pack more, you can get snack food at the grocery store outside your hotel. They might cost you a little bit but they are always cheaper than food in the hotel for sure.

  • Avoid book the hotel at the weekends.

Hotels in popular destinations regularly raise their rates on Fridays and Saturdays. In some cases, it can be as much as three times more than Sunday through Thursday nights. Therefore, if you can change the day you travel, change it. 

It's not too hard to lower your hotel costs when you travel if you apply these tips from now. Get more travel tips to get cheap flights, great destinations, and more to get amazing trip all the time. 

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