Travel & Weather Paid Apps for iPad to easily plan globe trotting

Thanks for the development of travel apps, planning for a trip is so much easier than it was before. You can simply find cheap flights, hotels, and figure out what the weather's like at place you are at. With these apps available on iPad, you can plan some globetrotting quicker and more savings.

FlightTrack Pro


travel and weather apps for ipad

Track flights and changes in flight information

FlightTrack Pro's main purpose is to track flights, in real time, with updated statuses, or even on a map. How cool is that? In addition, it pushes alerts out to you for changes in flight information — and remembers the flights you've entered so that you don't have to enter them again. The app also offers integration with TripIt to fetch your personal flight itineraries automagically without your having to enter a thing. When you specify a flight, you see an overlay with the terminals, gate numbers, arrival and departure times, and even the baggage claim carousel.

The World Clock


travel and weather apps for ipad

Keep track of what time it is with the World Clock

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The World Clock makes it easy to keep track of what time it is in other parts of the world. It displays up to 24 clocks at a time — and you can easily switch among three different clock types: two analogs and one digital. The app's built-in database knows almost 200,000 populated places in more than 230 countries, so it's very hard to stump. And it doesn't hurt that the app's day/night map and clocks are gorgeous.

WiFi Get HD


travel and weather apps for ipad

Find a wi-fi hotspot with WiFiGet HD

No matter where you are, if you need to find a Wi-Fi hotspot, you need WiFiGet HD. This clever app has over 150,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots pre-installed, so you can search for a hotspot without an Internet connection. And when you do have a wireless connection, it can access a database with over 200,000 free and paid hotspots. Of course, you can search for hotspots near your current location, but you can also search for them by address or by scrolling the map and looking for green pins (free hotspots) or red pins (paid hotspots).

Maybe you often choose free travel apps to save your budget but these paid apps can give you better services. Enjoy your trip in a modern way by using your iPad as a guide. Get online and figure out many great travel tips for your best trip ever. 

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