Review film for kid: The Loud House

The Loud House is an cartoon series created by Chris Savino. Chris Savino tell that the film was based on his own childhood. This film retold about adventures of Lincoln Loud, the only boy in a big family, he have 10 sisters. 

You need to know that The Loud House is a very funny cartoon that looks at the dynamics of a large family as told from the perspective of the long-suffering middle child and only boy. Issues like sibling rivalry are at the heart of the show's laughs, and there's always some kind of personality conflict or other cause for bickering at play. The characters' distinctly different personas inspire laughs, as does the occasional instance of bathroom humor (strange odors and poopy diapers, for instance). Parents are absent from the show, so there's little responsible supervision throughout, but every story winds up with a heartwarming effort on Lincoln's sisters' part to help him in some way. Expect some name-calling ("twerp" and "jerk"), but otherwise funny, heartwarming content kids will love.

Review film: The Loud House 

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Inspired by personal experience, creator Chris Savino does a great job presenting the ups and downs of life in a big family as seen by the story's indomitable hero, Lincoln. Crucial to the story's appeal are the many distinct personalities of his sisters -- from bossy first child Lori (Catherine Taber) to gloomy emo Lucy (Jessica Di Cicco) -- who always manage to throw a wrench into their brother's plans. Sometimes it's on purpose; other times it's by accident, but in every case, it sends Lincoln on a comically desperate mission of self-advocacy to carve out his own place in a house that's overrun by girls.

Kids will come to The Loud House for the laughs, but they'll return for the excellent ensemble cast and the surprisingly heartwarming themes that dominate every story. Sibling rivalry and personality clashes have their rightful place in this show (it's not a fantasy, after all), but each time Lincoln seems ready to throw in the towel on his needs being met, one or more of his sisters come to his rescue in ways that would make any parent proud.

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