TV Show For Kids Reviews: Bubble Guppies: Guppy Style!

Kids usually like entertainment programs on TV. Do you know the suitable program for your kids? Let's choose the entertainment programs that make kids interested, entertaining and through programs can teach them lessons in life. Bubble guppies: Guppy Style is a new show on TV for kids. Parents learn about this program!

Bubble Guppies Guppy Style!

Bubble Guppies Guppy Style

Parents need to know that Bubble Guppies: Guppy Style! is an hour-long special from the Bubble Guppies gang that teaches preschoolers about self-confidence and the value of being unique. Positive messages stand out throughout the story, and there are great examples of friendship and kindness at every turn. Kids will love the characters' adventures and the catchy song that's used in many scenes, performed by Keke Palmer, who voices the show's guest star. If your kids haven't watched Bubble Guppies, be forewarned that they'll probably fall for this endearing group of underwater characters and their knack for fun adventures.

WHAT'S THE STORY? When chance brings singing sensation Stylee (voiced by Keke Palmer) to the Bubble Guppies' town, Molly (Brianna Gentilella), Gil (Jacob Bertrand), and the rest of the gang are thrilled to meet such a big star. Things get even better when Stylee, who's known for donning a new hairstyle each time she sings, gives them tickets to her upcoming concert in Big Bubble City, so the friends set out with Mr. Grouper (Tino Insana) to see the show. Unfortunately they run into some bad luck with their van and must rely on a series of friends to help get them to the stadium in time to see the big reveal of Stylee's hairdo for the day, teaching them about personal style and uniqueness along the way. To everyone's surprise, though, Stylee needs a little encouragement to take the stage when the curtain rises, and kind Molly's just the friend to help her let her own style shine through.

Bubble Guppies Guppy Style!

 TV show for kids: Guppy Style

This delightful special plays to the strengths of these darling characters, reinforcing the importance of self-confidence and respecting differences. You need not be a fan of the show to enjoy BUBBLE GUPPIES: GUPPY STYLE!, which is easy to follow and reflective of emotional insecurities kids will understand. As the Guppies identify their own styles (sporty, country, and so on) along their journey, preschoolers come to understand that you don't have to be just like your friends to get along with them. Even better, by showing Stylee's insecurity about her own appearance, the show reminds kids that no one is immune to the need for friends and a pep talk now and then.

Music is central to this story, and with the talented Keke Palmer voicing the special guest, it's no wonder why. Interestingly, though, the show recycles one song throughout the entire production instead of writing in a handful as is more common. The good news? It's catchy, rooted in the show's positive themes and bound to have your kids singing along by its second or third go-round. The bad news? It's repetitive, which can wear on grown-up nerves. All in all, though, Guppy Style! is a delight, and it does a great job teaching youngsters the value of self-expression.

Kids see the characters embrace and define their unique styles. Strong themes about self-confidence, friendship, and helpfulness. Stylee's experience reminds kids that everyone needs a little confidence boost now and then but that being yourself is always the best bet.

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