TV Shows Online Review: Chopped Junior

You need to know that Chopped Junior is a spin-off of the grown-up cooking competition show, Chopped, featuring kids cooking for a cash prize. Alcohol is used for cooking purposes, and there are some emotional moments (including an occasional tear) when kids get eliminated, but overall there’s nothing to worry about here.

Chopped Junior

Chopped Junior


Hosted by Ted Allen, CHOPPED JUNIOR is a reality competition featuring kids showing off their cooking skills for a cash prize. Following in the footsteps of its parent series, Chopped, each episode features four kids between the ages of 8 and 13 who are given timed cooking challenges, during which they must make mouth-watering appetizers, entrées, and desserts from surprise ingredients. Judging their food are pros chef Scott Conant and celebrities such as Martha Stewart and Mila Kunis. After three elimination rounds, the remaining junior chef wins a $10,000 prize.


The fun, family-friendly series offers viewers a chance to see how kids can be creative in the kitchen. The young contestants aren’t only smart, confident, and articulate but they also reveal a willingness to try new things and take chances. In exchange, judges offer constructive feedback while remaining supportive.  

There are lots of warm and fuzzy moments here, but ultimately it is a competition. Like the adult competitors in the senior series, the cast sometimes gets frazzled, which can result in the occasional tear come elimination time. But overall, it’s a positive show that teaches a few lessons about cooking food.


Families can talk about cooking. Do you have to go to school to learn how to cook? Do you have to follow a recipe to make good food? Does watching people cook on TV make you want to try it?

What do cooking and food tell us about different cultures? What kinds of traditions are associated with food in your family?


  • Cast: Ted Allen
  • Network: Food Network
  • Genre: Game Shows
  • TV rating: TV-G
  • Available on: Streaming
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